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Media Lab

General Information

The Media Labs are made up of five rooms (18AB04 - 18dAB04 on the map) - a computer lab, two edit rooms, a studio and the control room for the studio. The main lab has video cameras, test screens and oscilloscopes as well as six iMac computers. The two edit rooms are set up with appropriate equipment for each. One is weighted more towards video editing and contains extra screens to view different effects on different screen types, the other is weighted more towards audio and has multiple audio I/O formats attached to the computer. The studio has a stand-alone "Rehearsal Rack" with CD player, amplifier, recording deck and a small mixing desk. There are also two video cameras, microphones, lighting and a blue chroma-key curtain. A Yamaha keyboard and a drum kit are also available. The control room can record and process video and audio from both the studio and other sources e.g. DVD or tape. Video and audio mixing desks are available along with multiple viewing screens to see different effects live as they are being recorded. Media lab control room photo

Computing Facilities

The main lab has six iMacs with Office software and lightweightaudio and video editing programs, as well as programs like MAX/MSP and PureData. Both edit rooms and the control room contain more powerful Mac Pro computers with full versions of software such as Final Cut, Logic Pro and ProTools. Media computing lab photo


The Media Labs are popular with both staff and students in and out of term time. They are used for everything from project work to band practice and even used for video recording by societies such as MAD TV. Electronics students are able to book any of the rooms out of hours for coursework or personal use.

At present a physical diary is maintained for booking of the rooms, this is located in the foyer of the labs on the table.

Extra Resources

These are links to useful pages connected with Media lab sessions:

These are links to various files required for Media Lab experiments: