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Embedded Systems Lab

General Information

The Embedded Systems Lab (room 11AB04 on the map) consists of four main benches, with three sections of benching along the walls, all designed for working in pairs. The front benches are dedicated to computers, with another pair of computers on one of the side benches. The rear benches and one of the side benches are set up for surface mount soldering work, with antistatic mats and wristbands available. These benches are also where our EyasSat eductional satellites are based. 1st year lab photo

Computing Facilities

There are 14 primary computers, all dual-core Dell PCs running Windows. They have our more advanced software selection on them. As well as the standard software (Microsoft Office, PCB Design software and circuit simulation software) they also have FPGA design software such as Xilinx ISE, Active-HDL, Synplify and ModelSim as well as MPLAB PIC programming software.The computers on the rear benches have basic software such as Microsoft Office, as they are mainly used for recording results of EyasSat experiments.


The Embedded Systems Lab is mainly in use during term time, with a few courses run within the labs during student holidays. Timetabled usage varies from week to week, depending on what is required by different experiments and projects.

For a more detailed look at when the lab is in use, please see the calendar here and embedded below: