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2nd Year Lab

General Information

The 2nd Year Lab (room 16AB04 on the map) consists of four main benches, seating between 12 and 20 students each, designed for working in pairs. The benches are set up with the same equipment, but of different specifications per bench, to accommodate use for different tasks and experiments. Because of the requirement to keep the same type of equipment on each set of benches, the equipment is fixed in place on raised middle sections. This keeps the bench surfaces clear for working. Each bench has one 0-30V DC split-rail power supply with fixed current limit, one 0-32V single-rail power supply with varible current limit, digital multimeter, soldering iron, function generator and either a digital or analogue oscilloscope per pair of students. 2nd year lab photo

Computing Facilities

Along one side of the lab is a computing bench containing 10 Dell PCs, dual-boot Windows and Linux. The Windows setup has MS Office, PCB Design software (Easy PC and EAGLE), Matlab, SPICE circuit simulation software and MPLAB PIC programming software. The Linux setup copies the departmentalcomputers over in the BB building and has Matlab, SPICE circuit simulation software, MAPLE and a number of other specialist packages. 2nd year computing lab photo


The 2nd Year Lab is mainly in use during term time, with a few courses run within the labs during student holidays. Second year undergraduate timetabled sessions amount to 6 hours per week and are currently on either Tuesdays or Thursdays. Any students that have passed the first year practical assessment may come in to use the lab for personal projects and, depending on academic approval, some class projects, on Wednesday afternoons (2pm-5pm).

For a more detailed look at when the lab is in use, please see the calendar here and embedded below: