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1st Year Lab

General Information

The 1st Year Lab (room 6AB04 on the map) consists of four main benches, seating 12 students each, designed for working in pairs. The lab is set up to encourage intelligent use of the available equipment by students, as all equipment is stored in the ends of the benches. Students are taught to consider which pieces of equipment are appropriate to each experiment and therefore only get out what equipment is necessary. Students are expected to leave the equipment tidily back in the correct location at the end of their second half-day session of the week (Tuesday or Friday, depending on the group) to teach and promote good laboratory practice for future work in industry. At the rear of the lab are the soldering iron supplies and stands, the soldering iron themselves are towards the front of the lab near the component racks. 1st year lab photo

Each bench has:

No., item Make, model Specification Manual
6 x Multimeters TTi, 1604 40,000 counts, auto/manual ranging

Accuracy and resolution, 0.08%, 10uV, 10mOhm

Manufacturer's specifications

PDF or

via TTi website

6 x Function generators TTi, TG120 20MHz dial set function generator

0.2Hz to 20MHz frequency range

Manufacturer's specifications

via TTi website
4 x Analogue oscilloscopes Hamag, 303 2 channel

35 MHz

Manufacturer's specifications

via Hameg website
6 x Digital oscilloscopes Owon, PDS5022S 2 channel

25 MHz

Manufacturer's specifications

4 x Split-rail power supplies Weir, 413D 0-30V, 0-4A, split rail Available from manual library from technicians.
6 x Power supplies Isotech, IPS303DD 0-30V, 0-3A

Specifications (via RS components)


Computing Facilities

Attached to the main lab is a computing area containing 12 Dell PCs with MS Office, PCB Design software (Easy PC and EAGLE) and SPICE circuit simulation software. There is also a large central bench for use in group work or for space away from the computers. 1st year computing lab photo


The 1st Year Lab is mainly in use during term time, with a few courses run within the labs during student holidays. It is also frequently booked out for physics classes.

For a more detailed look at when the lab and associated PCs are in use, please see the calendar here, and embedded below: