Welcome to Level 1 Engineering Design and Professional Skills (EE1.EDPS)

This page contains information and teaching material related to the course.

The module description is available online here

The information on the timetable issued by the office is incomplete and doesn't have the correct room numbers in some cases. This is the official course timetable: Autumn semester timetable

The Course manual contains essential information on the course. You need to read the relevant sections in advance of the exercise classes.

A list of assignments with deadlines and online resoucres is available here.

Week 4 welcome

Week 4 Computing skills notes

Week 4,5 exercise on text formatting: formatted pdf, raw text

Additional exercise on computer skills: Some students commented that it would be useful to practise using Excel and drawing graphs. So here is an additional exercise on plotting data, and fitting a straight line. There are some questions for you to think about related to experimental uncertainty, for good measure!

Week 6 Information Retrieval: Library Information Retrieval Exercise

Week 7

Spring Semester 2008

Week 1

Tips on giving presentations are available here.

Questions or comments? Email the course coordinator Prof Bernard Weiss at b.weiss@surrey.ac.uk