Online Courses

First Year Courses
EE1.cct Circuit Theory and Analysis Roger Seebold
EE1.csn Computer Systems and Networks Roger Webb & Michael Howarth
EE1.edps Engineering Design And Professional Studies Bernard Weiss
EE1.esf Semiconductor Fundamentals Karen Kirkby
EE1.pca C Programming Labs Farzin Mokhtarian Introduction to Programming and Computer Architecture Richard Bowden
  D.C. motors and Transformers Tutorial Peter Marshall
  MathCAL Roger Seebold


Second Year Courses
EE2.cdn Computer and Data Networks Zhili Sun
EE2.cdn Computer and Data Networks Peter Sweeney
EE2.dig Digital Engineering part B: Microprocessor Systems Dr Abdul Sadka
EE2.dsa Data Structures and Computer Algorithms John Illingworth & Jonathan Deane
EE2.edps Engineering Design And Professional Studies Karen Kirkby
EE2.ema Engineering Maths Jonathan Deane
EE2.ema Engineering Maths Richard Forbes
EE2.pwe Power Conversion Roger Seebold
EE2.sad Software Analysis and Design Philip Jackson Telecommunications solutions to past exam questions Tony Jeans
EE2.tsd Technology of Semiconductor Devices Karen Kirkby
EE2.WPLab Wave Propagation Lab Tim Brown
EE2.labA/B Perl Programming Lab

Roger Webb

EE2.labA/B Computer Architecture Lab Roger Webb
  MathCAL Roger Seebold


Third/Final Year Courses Business Administration Karen Kirkby
EE3.cma Computer Architectures Roger Webb
EE3.ctl Control Engineering Terry Windeatt
EE3.dsp Digital Signal Processing - Solutions to past exam papers Tony Jeans
EE3.edt Electronic Devices and Technologies Brian Sealy
EE3.mi Machine Intelligence Terry Windeatt
EE3.ood Object-Oriented Design and C++ Richard Bowden Telecommunication Theory Peter Sweeney
EE4.din Data and Internet Networking Zhili Sun
EE4.mwe Microwave Transmission David Jefferies
  MathCAL Roger Seebold


MSc Courses
EEM.aip AI and AI Programming Terry Windeatt
EEM.ant Antennas and Propagation David Jefferies
EEM.ant Antennas and Propagation Stavros Stavrou
EEM.cgi Computer Generated Imagery Adrian Hilton
EEM.cms Modelling and Simulation of Nanotechnology Roger Webb
EEM.din Data and Internet Networking Zhili Sun
EEM.mms MultiMedia System and Component Technology Terry Windeatt
EEM.mob Mobile and Personal Communications Stavros Stavrou
EEM.nan Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnology David Carey
EEM.ood Object-Oriented Design and C++ Richard Bowden
EEM.pat Pattern Recognition and Neural Nets Terry Windeatt
EEM.ptn Principles of Packet and Telecom Networks Peter Sweeney
EEM.scmA Satellite Communications (A) Barry Evans
EEM.scmB Satellite Communications (B) Zhili Sun
EEM.spd Spacecraft Dynamics Phil Palmer
EEM.ssr Speaker and Speech Recognition Philip Jackson
  C and Computer Architecture Roger Webb
  Microwaves: Satcoms applications David Jefferies