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Joining IET

This page aims to advise you on what benefits you will gain from being a member of IET and how it will become beneficial to you in the future. Further to that it will advise you on how you can join IET and what levels of membership there are for your benefit.

Reasons for joining

There are several reasons for joining IET, which the website itself has information about at the following link. As a student the specific benefits you can consider include subscription to informative magazines, the possibility of registering any professional training you undertake, access to locally run events and resources to help you prepare for and find the career for you. Membership is only granted to those recognised as engineers through which registered students in the department are recognised as eligible to qualify for membership.

There are different memberships of IET which depend upon what level of studies you are at. Here is a summary of their levels as follows:

For undergraduate students – A student membership exists at a discounted rate from normal membership, which IET has more specific details about as to what resources as a student you will be able to access. The simplest way to apply for membership is online though application packs are given to undergraduates in freshers week if you wish to apply by post.

For postgraduate taught students – As you have already graduated once you have the option can gain a more official membership known as having a “post-nominal” if you undertook a suitably accredited course in engineering. The membership that would apply in this case is MIET that can be used after your name. Alternatively you can just apply for the student membership with a reduced rate.

To apply for membership, click here and follow the appropriate steps advised by IET.

For postgraduate researchers – As far as IET is concerned, a research degree does not normally qualify as a course by which you are classed as a student training in engineering and so you are encouraged to apply for the official post-nominal membership. It has been recently granted, however, that you can join as a student member though you will lose a lot of benefits that may otherwise be useful to you particularly with regards to publishing through IET. You can apply for official membership known as “post-nominal” membership where you will have MIET after your name. This will also mean you pay the graduate rate. The application form is available at the following link. Should you still wish to opt for the cheaper student membership, you can click here for more information about that scheme.